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Accurate 2010 Census Count Problematic For Latinos
Por Erick Galindo - Hispanic Link   
16:05 | 10/23/09

Deportation fears in the Hispanic community that would prevent an accurate count in the 2010 Census have been exacerbated by the news that the Department of Commerce will not ask the Department of Homeland Security to halt workplace raids during the Census, as it did in 2000.

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Una prolongada campa帽a se vislumbra en el horizonte, tanto en las elecciones primarias como en las generales.

Even with the raids suspended, Latinos were reported undercounted by 2.6 percent in 2000. The 2010 Census, which begins April 1, is further complicated by the prominence of a movement urging undocumented immigrants to boycott it in protest to President Obama’s and Congress’s failure to act swiftly on immigration reform.

Rev. Miguel Rivera, chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, has been campaigning since spring for a boycott. The California-based Mexican American Political Association added its voice this month, asking all Latinos to boycott unless or until a comprehensive bill is passed.

The 2010 Census is being referred to by the Bureau as its initial true Latino Census. Thousands of English/Spanish bilingual forms will be mailed out to households in communities with large Hispanic population concentrations. Its effort is widely supported by such national organizations as the National Council of La Raza and the League of United Latin American Citizens.

LULAC spokesperson Lizette Olmos labeled Rivera’s efforts as short-sighted and counterproductive. “He is only doing the Hispanic community harm,” she told Hispanic Link News Service, stating that support for major federal programs is based on Census population counts.  LULAC has joined NCLR and a number of Hispanic organizations in an effort to ensure that Rivera’s boycott call has minimal impact.

Ya es hora kicked off its ¡Hágase Contar! (Be Counted) campaign last month at the National Press Club in an effort to achieve a full Latino count. Media and community leaders, including Univisión’s María Elena Salinas and impreMedia’s Rubén Keoseyan, endorsed the government’s efforts to inform Hispanics on the importance of an accurately count.

Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected & Appointed Officials Education Fund, called the Census the most important issue facing Latinos today. Census Bureau chief Robert Groves was on hand to praise Latino groups’ efforts. Both emphasized that government and community efforts are essential in redrawing federal and state political district lines that accurately reflect population growth, thus further empowering Latino communities politically, increasing funding for federal programs in those communities, and “repainting the community portrait of America.”

Salinas addressed the suspicions of some in the Latino community that information obtained by census-takers could be used to identify undocumented migrants and in planning immigration raids. She stressed privacy laws. Groves further assuaged any concerns, stating that Census Bureau employees take an oath not to divulge information, even to the president of the United States.

 Ben Monterroso, executive director of Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, said that the Census could only help the Hispanic community, and Eliseo Medina, executive vice president of the fast-growing 2.1-million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), added that failure to mail back Census forms would only undermine comprehensive immigration reform efforts.

Harris County, Tex., Commissioner Sylvia García listed apathy as well as fear as reasons why the Latino population was undercounted in 2000.

Other hard-to-reach groups are indigenous peoples from Mexican states such as Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca who speak neither English nor Spanish. Groves said the Bureau was committed to reaching all communities. He acknowledged that in cases where the best way to reach a community is to hire non-citizens, the Census office is seeking special exemptions.

The census form includes questions about citizenship and country of origin but has none about immigration status. Univisión and impreMedia, respectively the largest TV and print Hispanic media organizations, say they will continue to educate the Hispanic community by running advertisements and sponsoring community events.

(Erick Galindo Is a reporter with Hispanic Link News Service in Washington, D.C. Email him at



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illegal aliens being account in American census
Escrito por violet, octubre 25, 2009
Illegal aliens should not be counted in American census, and they should be fear of deportation! This is exactly why America is being so over populated by the Hispanic race in America, because they are to be left alone, just roaming around freely in America on their illegal status which doesn't make any since. they are allow to do just about anything they can to become the over populated race in America, they are really working on this,they are having their children born in America by the millions,getting granted an automatic American citizenship, on our wide open American birthrights, this is one of their scams, a sneaky amnesty for their children alone, born in America, all of their scams marriages, scams having children by American citizens, and all these unnecessary amnesties by the millions, and of course this path to citizenship Obama wants to pass, sure they are becoming the over populated race alright, they are getting lots of help to become the over populated race by our own politicians, and all of their advocates who find times to push all of their strategies, excuses to help ignore all of their wrongdoings in America, crying about how they must not be deported, because this separates them from families, how all of their false document should be so ignore because of their American dreams.

America immigration laws and laws are suppose to just ignore all of their illegal status they combine them selves with all their legal Hispanics purposely, knowing that this would confuse the laws,and made it so easy to cry about identity profile if ask for their statuses, all of their false social security numbers,or an American citizens social security numbers they use while they are in our employment are so ignored, workplace raids are stopped because this separates them from their families, suddenly it is just leave them alone. no match social security numbers letters were stopped, whistle blowers has been block, just terribly ignored once illegal aliens are employed! this is happen in many employments in America! there are just no kind of strict laws to stop illegal aliens, so a comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship is suppose to solve this whole problem of illegal immigration in America, it is lets hurry up and legalize them, then the American people will not have to worry about all of their illegal status, and they will not have to worry about being separated from their families! this is so sickening, they are already were allow to set-up house in America for their stay, everything they do has been planned, There are millions of other races of people in America who are so separated from their families also, so what makes the illegal Hispanics better? Illegal aliens knew that once they come to America by the millions, that it was going to be hard for America to get rid of them, it"s not really hard in reality!!
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Escrito por joe, octubre 27, 2009
you wish to have the ispirit of a iligal person. In order to leave their family and go to other country with all the risjk you need to be a real family person who can risk their own life to suport their love ones, trust me if they don't have these needs you woudn't see them. Now don't forget specially Mexicans were always part of these lands five states of Amearica were Mexicans, included California, texas Arizona, Nevada etc, and befkore them the rest belong to natives, you sould be careful when to address the real iligals came from, the only reason they came here is to take the jobs you can't do or don't want to do, Look there is two guys in the entrance of the free ways, one is asking for mone alleging being homless and other is nex to him selling flower or oranges, one is getting money to support his adiction and the other is for buy some grosery for her family, Do you know who are they?- get some time and take a look the shelters for poor or homlessd you will see differents but you won't see hispanics asians, not even black, do you know why?, say thankyou amigo you have other races otherwise you will be eatting only hamburgers.

nothing personal

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